Energy Healing


Iedereen, die deze opleiding bij ons of bij een van onze collega's in de andere landen heeft gevolgd heeft dan toegang tot onze Deepening Courses.

De Deepening Courses zijn bedoeld om de healing kwaliteiten in jezelf te verdiepen en uit te breiden.

Deepening the Healing Qualities within Yourself

Lac 1 zomer 16

Date: november 2019

with more than 6 participants


Perspectiv and Perception of energy fields    




For members of the INEHNNEH and all who have completed all parts of the International Energy Healing Course we offer Deepening Course Retreats.

This is a 5 day course module, embedded in a retreat of one week, including space for rest, relaxation, digestion of course material and free time to enjoy nature and the beautiful environment of La Borde Blanque.

The programme of the week consists of 10 sessions of 3 hours, each consisting of a meditation, a lecture and/or dialogue and a practical session. These meetings are alternated with free afternoons and evenings in a gentle rhythm, adapted to the season.

Next Deepening Course Module:  october 2018

Theme will be: Perspectiv and Perception of energy fields    

Topics will be:

inner listening
develloping the senses
Relation to nature: the devic kingdom
Human relations
Projection: we create our own world
How do we recognise Energie at work??
What the group wants to bring in

Open to 6 to 12 participants. Language: English / Dutch. There is a possibility for translation into German or French if required.

Costs: € 750,-

This is based on accomodation of 7 nights in a double room, bathroom ‘en suite’, 3 delicious vegetarian meals a day, prepared with love and care, coffee, tea & snacks.

* There is a fee of 100 euros for a single room.

For more information and or a more detailed programme of this retreat, please email or phone us: Contact


Alignment and Attunement:  15 - 22 08 2015
We had a very nice week with many different experiences in aligning and attuning!!!!!!