Yoga & Meditation Basic Retreat: A Journey through the Chakras 

In this retreat you’ll get acquainted with the subtle dimensions of our human being. We’ll make an inner journey through the chakras, or energy centres. In doing so we’ll focus on colour, symbolism, psychology and physical aspects.


21 - 28 April 2018

25 Aug - 01 Sept 2018

Costs: €825,-
This includes 7 nights in a double room with bathroom en suite, 3 delicious vegetarian meals per day, prepared with love and care, coffee, tea and snacks.
*For a single room there is an extra fee of €100,-

Teacher: Elleke van Kraalingen

There are 2 yoga sessions a day, morning and evening, and free afternoons to relax, to swim, to walk and to enjoy the wonderful nature surroundings .

Yoga asanas and relaxation: We’ll offer different styles of yoga practice, adapted to your needs and experience and to the time of the day and the season. In this week we’ll explore the asanas in relation to the chakras.

We are a Raja Yoga School. Raja Yoga is one of the oldest and most complete forms of yoga, where the asanas (physical practices) are considered to be a preparation for meditation. Although we offer various modern styles, our approach is a mindful way of practicing yoga. This means, a quiet, attentive and meditative approach. Remaining in an asana can sometimes be intense and powerful. Yet we will also introduce dynamic flow series and be mindful in action! Everyone can participate at his or her level and there is plenty of room for personal variations and modifications.

- Pranayama: Breath and energy practices
- Pratyahara & Concentration & Meditation: To withdraw the senses and the attention within towards focus and meditation
- Philosophy: Ethics of life: the yamas and niyamas: getting in touch with your soul and higher Self, and realising your purpose in life.

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‘Meditation & Imagination, Elleke van Kraalingen, 2011, O-Books, UK.*
* Available at La Borde Blanque

We look forward to welcome you!
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