Self-Actualisation Retreat for Young Adults: 18-25 years

Being and Becoming [You]

Date: 7-14 July 2018

Price: 625 euro

Camping: 100 euro discount

During the transition from childhood to adulthood a major part is exploring the big questions in life and shaping your place in the world. Many youths find themselves immersed in musing about philosophical matters and how these are integrated in daily life. Being full of vitality, enthusiasm and open to all the opportunities life holds for you, it is a perfect moment to start your journey to be[come] YOU.

Practices such as yoga, meditation and pranayama open up new doors to (re)connect with yourself and your environment. On this retreat you will find support during your journey of self-actualisation. In ‘digging deeper seminars’ we will explore a variety of relevant questions and subjects that young adults are faced with; getting to know yourself, loving yourself, trust, autonomy,  self-image, family-relations, choices and external expectations, letting go and how spirituality is interconnected with all these matters. There will also be lots of time for fun, food, laughing, games, enjoying the French countryside through hiking or swimming in the lake below the compound, and other relaxing and recreation activities. It will be a week of joy, connection and growth! I am looking forward to welcome you!

Teacher: Imre van Kraalingen

Imre is Raja yoga teacher and cultural anthropologist. For her, life is a continuous process of personal growth. Yoga and meditation have helped her on her path of self-realisation, to connect with herself and open her heart. Today, she is very passionate about guiding people on their path of yoga and personal development. She loves to connect with people from all over the world to build together towards a more sustainable, empowered and loving world.