Energy Healing

Energy Healing Course (acknowledged by the INEH)

Healing from the Soul.

This 2-year course in Esoteric Healing is based upon the principles of health and disease, as described in the books of Alice Bailey. The course is given according to the directions of the INEH: International Network of Esoteric Healing.


Part 1: 5-12 May 2018

Part 2:  December 2018  

Costs: € 750,-

This is based on accommodation of 7 nights in a spacious double room with bathroom ‘en suite’, 3 delicious vegetarian meals a day, and tea/coffee breaks and snacks.

There is a fee of 100 euros for a single room.

Teacher: Pieter Hiemstra


Internationally the course is being offered in 4 parts, each with 5 to 6 months in between. At La Borde Blanque we offer these 4 parts in the form of week retreats, where the programme of the course allows time and space for rest and relaxation, processing of the course material and to enjoy nature and the magnificent environment of La Borde Blanque.

The week programme of the Esoteric Healing Course consists of 10 parts of 3 to 4 hours, alternated with free afternoons and evenings in a in a rhythm that befits the season.

At completion of the course the graduate is honoured by a certificate of the INEH.

Basic Esoteric Healing Course

What is Esoteric Healing?

Esoteric Healing comprises working with subtle energy to enhance healing from within. This implies healing from the soul. The underlying philosophy is the view that we are more than our body and psyche. Everything is energy. And each human being, each living being has an energetic body which encompasses and penetrates the physical body. This energy body, or energy field exists in more dimensions, like the emotional-, mental-, intuitive-, and soul body.
The energy field functions as a blue print for the physical body. Disturbances in this energy field, in whatever dimension, may lead to physical complaints and illness or to psychological problems.

Method in Esoteric Healing

In Esoteric Healing the therapist will try and restore the balance in energy on the more subtle levels so healing can take place. This is done through meditation. It is not necessary to have physical contact with the client. The therapist guides the energy from the inner core of the client through the several centres and paths of energy to the damaged parts in the energetic field. This way the self-healing ability of the client is coaxed back into action.

This method is a creative process implying personal development, which is central in the course.

Integral health care

Esoteric Healing is a worthwhile therapy, not instead of, but complementary to regular medicine. Esoteric Healing concentrates on discovering the causes of disease, by which symptoms are reduced and possibly disappear. In our view co-operation between complementary medicine and regular health care is in the interest of mankind.


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For more information and or a more detailed programme of this retreat, please email us.


INEH: International Network of Esoteric Healing

The INEH is an international organisation, spread over five continents en sixteen countries. The aim is to improve health and spiritual awareness with the help of knowledge of esoteric healing through seminars, practical training and counselling and thus to create a network of practisioners and teachers. Voor meer informatie: INEH WebSite :, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A healer develops from within and by education and training one may qualify. The main aim of the course is growing awareness, development of intuition, inner alignment and the ability to use these skills for the sake of physical and mental health in its broadest sense. This may apply to one’s own health, other people’s health, the health within an organisation, or society. ‘Healing’ literally means ’to become whole’. This may apply to many areas in work or life. A graduate of the course is able to work as a healer and will be able to apply his or her skills according to own insight.

Course curriculum

The course is built on 3 components:

Meditation-training, to develop awareness and intuition and to learn to be able to work from inner alignment.

Theoretical lectures, esoteric perspectives on a variety of topics in relation to personal and spiritual growth and aspects of health and disease, life and death.

Practical sessions, to study methods and techniques of balancing subtle energies and energy channels and centres in different dimensions.


- Meditation

- Development of intuition

- Personality work: awareness and handling of one' own thoughts, emotions and blockages

- Aspects of disease and health

- Rules and laws of Esoteric Healing

- Ethical aspects of healing

- Introduction in Esoteric Psychology

- Constitution of the human being within the cosmos

- Birth & death

- Listening skills and counselling

- Dealing with clients

- Sensitivity & Diagnostics

- Learn to manipulate energy

- Introduction to anatomy and fysiology

- The subtle bodies: structure, function and mechanisms

- Practical excercises with balancing of the chakra's

- The energetic field and the chakra’s

- Scientific research of the energetic field

Deepening Esoteric Healing Courses

For members of the INEH, who have completed all five parts of the International Course in Esoteric Healing we offer INEH Deepening Course Retreats once a year. These are five day course modules, each with a different theme, embedded within a weeks retreat, including space for rest, relaxation, digestion of course material and free time to enjoy nature and the beautiful environment of La Borde Blanque.

The programme of the week consists of 10 sessions of 3 to 4 hours, each consisting of a meditation, a lecture and/or dialogue and a practical session. These meetings are alternated with free afternoons and evenings in a gentle rhythm, adapted to the season.

Scheduled for October 2018: Perspectiv and perception of energy fields

When there are more than 6 participants we will improve our understanding about energy and how we recognise its effects in everyday life.


Different other possible Deepening Esoteric Healing Courses

Life, Death & Dying

A Deepening Course on the Cycle of Reincarnation, Birth, Death, the Process of Dying and how to Care for the Dying person, on Afterlife and Communication with the other side, how do we deal with the prospect of our own death? And how are we dealing with life?

Spirituality & Intimacy in Relationships

A Deepening Course on all relationships in our lives; How are we living our spirituality within our different relationships? How to blend spirituality and intimacy? What does spirituality mean in relation to our partners, our children, our parents, our friendships, our colleagues? How do we relate to the world? Spiritual

Relationship with Nature

A Deepening Course on Communication & Co-operation with devic and nature kingdoms within our healing work. GroupD, Teaching & Leadership A Deepening Course on how to be aware of and to work with group energies, how to create a learning atmosphere and how to lead a group.

The Science of Meditation

A Deepening Course on different aspects of a profound meditation training. Different ways to meditate. How to structure a meditation? How to meditate in silence? How to guide a meditation? How to teach meditation?

Costs: € 750,-

This is based on accommodation of 7 nights in a double room, bathroom ‘en suite’, 3 meals a day, and tea/coffee breaks and snacks.

For a single room we charge € 100 extra.

For more information and or a more detailed programme of this retreat, please email us.