At la Borde Blanque Elleke van Kraalingen and Pieter Hiemstra welcome you.

We live together with our youngest daughter Vivian (13) and we are the caretakers of this beautiful place.

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Pieter Hiemstra

Originally I am a physiotherapist. In my practice I came across the borders of which physiotherapy can offer. In search of wider horizons I specialized in manual therapy and chiropraxy, but soon I met new limitations.
In 1997 I came in touch with Esoteric Healing. Within this field I still experience inner growth, through which the possibilities of treatment reach beyond borders. I completed the teacher training in Esoteric Healing.
More than 10 years I train people, who intend to help themselves and others to find an inner balance through Esoteric Healing. Since 2000 I also combine cranio-sacral therapy with Esoteric Healing principles.
Following this path I have grown from being a therapist of illness and injuries to someone who stimulates and supports others to become conscious of their potential and to live accordingly. I like to summarize my vision in the following statement:

Every person is healthy, when his feelings, his thoughts and his actions
are coordinated on each other and the environment.

Together with my wife Elleke I hope to continue this at La Borde Blanque

Elleke van Kraalingen

My journey in Yoga and meditation began when I was a child. In my early teenage years I spontaneously started to meditate, following an inner guideline of mystical experiences and set off on the path of yoga. 
Yoga and meditation became a way of life and a source of inner wisdom and love, from which I receive my nourishment. There from sprang the aspiration to guide others on the way to their own source of love, joy, inner freedom and wisdom.
For more than 28 years now I teach the ancient form of Raja Yoga and for over 15 years I am training Yoga Teachers, aside from my other professional activities as a psychologist, naturopath, life coach, author of several books and being a mother of 4 children. With love I continue to teach in my passion for Yoga and meditation, explaining, exploring its classical philosophy. In our daily life at La Borde Blanque there lies an invitation and challenge to practice the Yoga way of life, each day, every minute.
Together with my husband Pieter we started La Borde Blanque, a yoga, meditation and healing centre in Midi-Pyrenees, France. Here we realize our dream and share our life and work experience in a holistic way, within the power, serenity and beauty of nature and our animals. My great passion, teachers and friends are our Icelandic horses.

Books by Elleke available in English:
Love Beyond Death, 2010, O-Books, UK
Meditation & Imagination, 2011, O-Books, UK.


Personal Coaching & services

Life-coaching  (Pieter and Elleke)  
We offer our expertise from over 20 years of experience, as therapist and coach, working in an independent practice. This is done through individual sessions, or for couples, or families, which will be tailored to your needs. A session can take place in the library, outside on one of the terraces or during a walk in the forest. There is no protocol, the dialogue will be allowed to naturally develop during our meeting.  
Private yoga or meditation lessons (Elleke)
During our regular yoga and meditation sessions you might have a question or an issue, maybe encounter an obstacle, which you feel might require more personal attention than time and opportunity allow within the group session. This is where you can book a private session with us.  
Session in physiotherapy, manual therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, massage  (Pieter)
During my years as a physio- and manual therapist I have become trained in tracing mental concepts and behaviour, which prohibit good health. Together with the client I try to initiate change in these patterns. In order to do so I make use of principles from Esoteric Healing, Cranio-Sacral therapy, and massage.  Manual therapy is a specialisation of physiotherapy in which the therapist removes blockages by manipulation. In cranio-sacral therapy subtle pressure on bone structures and organs is being used, through which the client may come in contact with emotions, stored in the body. These emotions may come to expression during or after the treatment and this may lead to processing, acceptance and insight. I give massages to relax or to heal. My work experience has led me to being able to see the human being in his manifold qualities and I tend to point out one’s own responsibility. When during your stay with us you choose to give attention to your ability of movement, this is possible. Together we decide upon what can be applicable during your stay in order to make an improvement.

Energy Healing session (Pieter and Elleke)
Energy Healing encompasses the manipulation of subtle energy to encourage the healing process from within. It is the healing from the soul. The therapist will try and restore the balance in energy on the more subtle levels so healing can take place. This is done through meditation. It is not necessary to have physical contact with the client. The therapist guides the energy from the inner core of the client through the several centres and paths of energy to the blocked parts in the energetic field. This way the self-healing ability of the client is coaxed back into action.