Pieter Hiemstra

Originally I am a physiotherapist. In my practice I came across the borders of which physiotherapy can offer. In search of wider horizons I specialized in manual therapy and chiropraxy, but soon I met new limitations.
In 1997 I came in touch with Esoteric Healing. Within this field I still experience inner growth, through which the possibilities of treatment reach beyond borders. I completed the teacher training in Esoteric Healing.
More than 10 years I train people, who intend to help themselves and others to find an inner balance through Esoteric Healing. Since 2000 I also combine cranio-sacral therapy with Esoteric Healing principles.
Following this path I have grown from being a therapist of illness and injuries to someone who stimulates and supports others to become conscious of their potential and to live accordingly. I like to summarize my vision in the following statement:

Every person is healthy, when his feelings, his thoughts and his actions
are coordinated on each other and the environment.

Together with my wife Elleke I hope to continue this at La Borde Blanque